Our Customer Commitment


Commitment for TransparencyWe will share all we know about our diamonds, their attributes, and their pricing. Online and in-person, Wise Diamonds will be as clear as the most flawless diamonds in its dealings with its customers.

Fairness and Trust

Customer Commitment Fairness and Trust

 We will treat each of our customers equally and will not offer bargains to one without making the same price available to all. Wise Diamonds unique online selling process gives its customers equal opportunities to bid for the same diamonds and helps ensure the diamonds they purchase have been accurately valued.

Customer Satisfaction

Emerald Cut Lab grown Diamond Customer SatisfactionWe will strive to offer the world’s finest diamond buying experience, so we will always value direct feedback from our customers. For Wise Diamonds, no sale is truly complete if the purchaser is not completely delighted with their diamond’s beauty, quality, and value.


Long Term Relationship

Heart Diamond Long Term Relationship More important than any one sale, is building a lifetime relationship with each customer. With each purchase, Wise Diamonds will reaffirm its commitment to its core values of fairness, trust, transparency, customer delight, and mutual growth.

Selling Only What is needed

Oval Diamond Selling only What is NeddedWe will foster the stability and prosperity of our customers by not extending credit. This not only helps Wise Diamonds protect its customers from the vagaries of the market, but it also helps ensure they will grow with us in the years to come.

Reciprocal Best Business Practices

Pear Shape Diamond Reciprocal Best Business Practices We encourage our customers to apply these values to their dealings with us, as well as their relations with other vendors and clients. By emphasizing the returns that come from operating transparently, in an environment of mutual respect, Venus Jewel hopes to set a tone for the entire diamond industry.

As your partner in the diamond industry, we promise the following

Our commitment to ethics, transparency, consistency and the highest level of customer satisfaction drives everything we do. For more than three decades, Wise Diamonds has built an unrivaled reputation for integrity, technical innovation, and industry expertise. From our comprehensive grading, rational pricing, and innovative e-commerce capabilities to our unique manufacturing processes, which combine centuries of craftsmanship with the latest technologies, our underlying drive to provide our customers with both the world’s finest diamonds and the world’s finest diamond buying experience is the Wise Difference.

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